Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding East Yorkshire Churches

You can register with the scheme:

  • either by contacting Emily, (click 'Contact Us' at the top of this page) who will send you a form which you complete and then send back to her
  • or by filling it in online (which will autimatically up-date the website)
  • or by downloading it from this website, completing it and sending it back.

If you aren't sure about filling in part of the form, just fill in the parts you can complete and send it off. Or ask Emily, and she will help you.

  • Your church will then have the benefit of the publicity on the leaflets and the tourist website, and of the extra visitors which that will bring.
  • If you welcome people into your church, you may also find that visitors will generate income for your church, especially if you put on displays and other attractions for them to enjoy, and to buy.
  • You will also find that the more people learn about and understand their heritage, the more they will enjoy it and want to visit your church.
  • They will also come to share the responsibility for the building with you.
  • You yourselves will enjoy learning about your church and sharing your church with your own community and visitors from elsewhere.

You can still access the visitors' website and this website, and you can still attend any or all of the events.

If you contact Emily, she will ask you whether you want to use ordinary post or the website or email. Whichever you use, you will need to fill in the form. If you have any queries, ask Emily and she will help you.

You'll also need to send a photograph. Either send a copy by post, or email her a photograph, or put it on a CD and send it to her by post. If you haven't got a photograph of your church, or none you like, ask Emily. She will probably have a good photograph of your church which she can use instead.

If you use ordinary post, Emily will send you the form. You will complete it and send it back to her. Emily will input your details onto this website and onto the tourist website, together with the photograph.

If you want to use the website, Emily will give you a username and a code to enable you to complete the form on the website. When you have finished doing this, don't forget to press the "up-date" button, and then it will automatically update the website. Emily will then use that material to update the tourist website with your photograph.

If you email the form back to Emily, again Emily will update the sites.


  • It is quicker than filling in the form by hand.
  • The details of your church will appear more quickly on the tourist website.
  • It is less bother to you, as you don't need to wait for Emily to post it to you and you don't need to post it back to her.
  • You can change the details at any time.
  • You can have your email details immediately added to the email list so that you can receive information at any time.

Only EYChurches itself. No one else will have your username and code, and only EYChurches has additional access.


Few parishes can raise enough money to meet the cost of a major repair without help from grant-making bodies. The major source in England is now likely to be the Repair Grants for Places of Worship in England scheme run by English Heritage (EH) and the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and funded in equal proportion by both bodies.